Ureteroscopy (URS)

Ureteroscopy is where a long thin rigid Ureteroscope is introduced into the upper urinary tract via urethra, bladder, and then directly into the ureter.

Ureteroscopy is an examination of the upper urinary tract the treatment of disorders such as kidney stones in Bladder and Ureter. Smaller stones in bladder or lower ureter can be removed through basket or forcep in one piece, while bigger ones are usually broken through Lthotripsy before removal during ureteroscopy.

Therapeutic ureteroscopy is used in varied applications, including in the treatment of stones, urothelial tumors, and stricture disease.

Ureteroscopy is a safe and minimally invasive method of treating stone disease.

Reasons for Ureteroscopy

  • Kidney stone in the Ureter or Bladder
  • Frequent urinary tract infections
  • Hematuria
  • Unusual cells found in a urine sample
  • Urinary blockage caused by an abnormal narrowing of the Ureter
  • Unusual growth, tumor, or cancer in the Ureter

Procedure of Ureteroscopy

As the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, you should have nothing to eat or drink for 6 hours prior to treatment.

Doctor gently inserts the tip of the Ureteroscope into the urethra and slowly glides it up into the bladder. A sterile liquid water or salt water (saline) flows through the scope to slowly fill the bladder and stretch it so the doctor has a better view of the bladder wall.

Smaller stones can be removed all in one piece by using Forcep or Stone Baskets.

Larger stones may need to be broken by Lithotripter before then it can be removed by Stone Basket or Forcep.

A temporary urinary stent (Double J Stent) placed in ureter for a short period to ensure the kidney drains without risk of blockage.

Advantages of Ureteroscopy

  • No incision.
  • Ureteroscopy can treat stones located at any position in the ureter and kidney.
  • Ureteroscopy allows the treatment of stones that cannot be seen on an x-ray.
  • In certain cases like women who are pregnant, morbidly obese, Patient taiking Blood Thinner can be treated by ureteroscopy.
  • Can be performed as one day surgery.
  • A highly successful technique (over 95%).

Ureteroscopy Products

We, Advin Urology, provide international quality standard products for Ureteroscopy (URS).

  • Intra Corporeal Pneumatic Lithotripter ( To Break the Stone).
  • Ureteric Catheter.
  • PTFE Guide Wire.
  • Hydrophilic Guide Wire.
  • URS Forceps – Alligator / Tripronge / U Handle.
  • Stone Baskets – Nitinol / Stainless Steel.
  • Ureteric Dilator SET.
  • Bugbee electrode.
  • Balloon Ureteral Dialator.
  • Double J Stent.
  • Flow Pump for continuous irrigation.
  • LED Light Source.
  • Fiber Optic Cable.