Co2 Insufflator – Advin Co2+
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Co2 Insufflator – Advin Co2+

The latest technology and the easy operation have come to move the new Co2 lnsufflators into the top class of the newest generation. The ergonomic designed and logically arranged displays inform the user about all relevant values of the insufflations at any time.

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Advin Co2+


Advance Co2 Insufflators (Advin Co2+)  is a new generation Insufflators which makes easy Endoscopic / Laparoscopy surgery. It Known As Endoscopy Insufflator, Co2 Insufflation Endoscopy, Co2 Insufflation Laparoscopic, Laparoscopic Co2 Insufflation System, Co2 Insufflation Unit And Co2 Insufflator Machine.

co2 insufflation laparoscopy

Advanced Features:

  • 30L Insufflators Precise control of pressure/flow Parameters.
  • Inbuilt gas warmer provides warm results minimizing fogging
  • Over pressure alarm & pressure release systems – help assure patient safety.
  • Continuous flow provides easy procedures
  • Advance high speed microcontroller technology
  • Greater accuracy & measurement of Co2.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Compact & light weight.
  • Reduce Nursing attention
  • Automatic overpressure gas release
  • Less Discomfort to the patient
  • High pressure Co2 cylinder can directly connect
  • Rapid delivery of gas
    Electronic memory retains last set values of pressure, flow rate and volume

Standard Accessories in SET:

  • Co2 Control Unit (01),
  • Silicon Tubing(01), (ST-01)
  • Backside pipe (01), (SSP-01)
  • Power Cord (01) (PC-01)
  • Wrench (01) (WR-01)

Technical Specification :



General  Specification 230 VAC + 15% @ 50 – 60 HZ.

Dimension: 260(L) mm x 290(W) mm x 105(H) mm.

Weight: Approx. 2 kg.



Technical Specification Gas: Medical Co2 Medical

Co2 gas supply systems: UNF 7/16″. 2

Pressure. : 4 – 30 mm Hg (accuracy of 1 mm Hg).

Flow rate min to Max. : 1 to 30 Ltrs /Min – Continuous.

Internal over pressure release valve.


Display Verss Needle/ Trocar mode.
Digital display for actual value and set value of pressure and flow rate.
Pumped gas volume counter with Reset button.
Display for actual gas consumption & temperature.
Outlet gas temp with heater on indicator.
Co2/Air mode button for emergency.
Co2 gas status indicator.