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Vessel Sealing System – Safeseal+

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Electrosurgical vessel sealing is a specialist system developed by Advin Urology for minimal access and open surgery. This technology can facilitate a range of minimal access surgical procedures, helping to meet government objectives of reduced length of stay for patients in hospital.

Each of these devices comprises an electrosurgical unit (ESU) with a high power and low voltage bipolar mode and specialist instruments that combine tissue compression with tissue heating to produce haemostasis in arteries, veins or a bundle of tissue.


Electrosurgical Vessel Sealing System

ADVIN Vessel Sealing System (SAFESEAL +)  is a next-generation in energy-based vessel sealing technology. It presents an improved and safe vessel sealing procedure in the medical sector. It is known as Vessel Sealing Machine, Vessel Sealing Diathermy Unit, Monoseal Vessel Sealing System, High-Frequency Diathermy Machine With Vessel Sealing Unit, Laparoscopic Vessel Sealing System And Vessel Sealing Device.

Advanced Features:

  • Permanent vessel occlusion
  • Equipped with all safety features like alarm system and protection from current leakage
  • Ideal for minimal access and open surgery.
  • Vessel fusion with no foreign material
  • The seal can bear high blood pressure
  • Body and cardiac protected design
  • Feedback-controlled response system
  • 99 User settable profiles stores all user preferences
  • Sealing with no sticking or charring
  • Automatically stops energy delivery as soon as the seal cycle is complete.
  • The sealing process is time-saving and yields an optimum result
  • Shorter surgery times & Less blood loss
  • Faster and safe recovery