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ADVIN Litho+

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Litho + (Advance Pneumatic Lithotripter)

(Intra Corporeal Pneumatic lithotripter)

 Advin Litho+ is World’s first Lithotripter having one big LED Display and Stock counts during procedure.


Advanced Pneumatic Lithotripter (Advin Litho+)

Advin Litho+ world First Advanced Machine having facility to count Stock during Procedure and display it. It IS Known as Intracorporeal Lithotripter, Intracorporeal Pneumatic Lithotripter, Pneumatic Lithotripter Machine, Digital Pneumatic Lithotripter and Stone Breaker Pneumatic Lithotripter.

LITHO+ is a result of Research and hardwork of ADVIN team for continuous 2 Years and also help with doctors Feedback.

Pneumatic Litho+ can break any size of Kidney, Bladder and Ureter stones very effectively.

Stock count help doctors to reduce surgery time in next procedure by increase or decrease pulse ad pressure.

Pneumatic Lithotripter has 1 big LED Screen which gives an international look to the product.


Advin Litho+ Features

  • Advin Litho+ is an ADVIN R&D Product to make stone removal effectively
  • 1 Big LED Display
  • International Quality Standard & Best Look
  • Stock Count help doctors to reduce operative time
  • Highly precise electro-pneumatic device
  • Users Friendly, Easy to operate, No Maintenance Cost
  • Used in Kidneys, Ureter and bladder stone Fragmentation
  • Very Efficient Fragmentation of Stone
  • Decrease risk of Thermal Injury
  • Compact & Mobile Unit


Litho +  Accessories includes
Product Quantity
Pneumatic Control Unit 01
Hand Piece 02
Probes (URS / PCNL) 08
Foot Switch 02
Oxygen Regulator 01
Power Cord 01
Air Tubing 02





Technical Specification (Litho+)
Control Unit Size:  L 29 cm X W 26 cm X H 15 cm

Weight:  1.5 Kg

Hand Piece Length : 18.5 Cm

Weight :   110 Gms

Supply Voltage (Compatible With) 220 – 240 AC Volts, Frequency 50 Hz

110 – 130 AC Volts, Frequency 60 Hz

Power Consumptions 30 – 40 Watts
Input Gas Compressed Dry Air /Oxygen
In Let Pressure To Control Unit 4 Kg / cm2 – 6 Kg / cm2 by oxygen regulator
Out Let Pressure Indication 0 – 5 Kg / cm2 by Digital Display
Sterilization Formalin chamber OR Cidex.
Freq. of Impact ·         Single Pulse

·         Multiple Pulse – 1 pulse/second to 12 pulse/second

For Ureteric Stones (Ureterenoscopy Probes ) Sizes:

0.8MM / 1MM / 1.1 MM / 1.2 MM / 1.4 MM / 1.5 MM

Length: 610 mm

For Kidney Stones (PCNL Probes) Size: 2.5 MM , 3.0 MM

Length: 450mm

For Bladder Stone Size: 1.5mm

Length: 460mm

Pressure Range


Types of Stone Operating Pressure
Ureteric stones 1 kg./cm2 to  2.5 Kg./cm2
Kidney Stones 1 kg./cm2 and 4 Kg./cm2
Bladder Stones 1 kg./cm2 and 4 Kg./cm2