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Advin PC Based Uroflowmetry System
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ADVIN Uroflowmetry System

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Uroflowmetry Systems measure of the quantity of urine excreted in a specified period of time which is also called as Urine flow rate.

Continuous recording of urine flow by means of a device consisting of a cylinder placed on a transducer that weighs the urine entering thecylinder during voiding and plots the flow rate on a time scale.

Common periods of time used include “minute” and “seconds.”


What is Uroflowmetry Test?

Uroflowmetry Systems measure of the quantity of Urine excreted in a specified period of time which is also called as Urine flow rate.

Continuous recording of urine flow by means of a device consisting of a cylinder placed on a transducer that weighs the urine entering thecylinder during voiding and plots the flow rate on a time  scale.

Common periods of time used include “minute” and “seconds.”

Changes in the urine flow rate can be indicative of kidney, prostate or other renal disorders.

It is known as Uroflowmetry System, weight based Uroflowmetry machine, Urine Flow Meter, Uroflowmetry Machine,  weight based Uroflowmetry System.


Advin Uroflowmetry System:

Advin Uroflow is designed to monitor the urinary volume and flow rate within a urine collection beaker during micturation.

Advin Uroflow is weight based uroflowmetry system, which gives accurate data as well as graphic representation of the urine flow.

Advin Uroflow is a fully automatic microprocessor based device with digitally controlled weight based flow transducer.

Our Uroflowmetry System is used to detect the deficiency in urinary track of human body.

Uroflowmetry Procedure is non invasive method. The patient therefore feels comfortable during the micturation process and as such a very natural and accurate report is revealed. Advin Uroflow system is very helpful for day to day flow study.
Procedure of Uroflowmetry :

When patient start voiding, a volume change is sensed by the microprocessor based device Transducer, which determines and stores urinary volume, flow rate and time.

At the end of micturation process the microprocessor based device programmed to determine parameters and command to printer. Printout which consists of a graphical flow curve of the micturation process by the means of flow rate v/s time as well as statistics relating to parameters of urinary flow altogether with the patients information.

In case the voiding time of the patient is more than 50 sec, the graph is automatically compressed.

If possible, voided volume of at least 150 ml, and preferably 200 ml.


Features of Advin Uroflow:

  • Digitally controlled weight based Uroflowmetry Systems
  • Fully Automatic with auto start and stop.
  • Automatic analysis
  • Accurate Result
  • Non Invasive Method
  • No Risk to Patient with this test
  • No Hospitalization
  • Cost effective Device
  • Light weight, Compact and Easy to handle.
  • Maintenance free and very easy to operate
  • System is users friendly and also easy to operate.
  • Easy to clean and reusable.
  • The graph is generated on A4 size paper and there is no requirement of thermal paper.
  • Match with international standards
Parameters are reflected by the Uroflowmetry test
Voided volume (ml)
Maximum flow rate (ml/s)
Average flow rate (ml/s)
Voiding time (sec)
Flow time (sec)
Time to maximum flow (sec)
Hesitancy (sec)


Advin Uroflow Accessories:
Uroflow System Module (01)
Printer (01)
Micturation chair (01)
Flow transducer (02)
Beaker (01)
Funnel (01)
Mains Cable (01)


Uroflow System Module:

Uroflow System Module is a microprocessor based device determines the graphical curve of flow rate v/s time.

Module is connected with Weight transducer and printer. Module passes command to Printer which is received from Weight Transducer. Printer will print curve the report.

It is designed to Auto Start/ Auto Stop and Auto Print.


Uroflow System Module Specification
Input Voltage range220-240 V A. C., 50 Hz
Rated Current0.6 A
Power Consumption30 – 40W
Temperature5-40 degree centigrade
Sensor0.5 ml weight system


Beaker and Transducer:

Digitally controlled weight based flow transducer is attached with Module. Beaker is placed over Transducer.

Transducer will sense flow rate of urine during voiding and data will pass to Module after completion of the voiding.


  • Durable
  • Non Corrosive
  • Fully Automatic
  • Easy to clean and reusable.


Dot matrix printer is attached with Module. Module will gives command to printer and printer will generate graph.

The graph is generated on A4 size paper and there is no requirement of thermal paper.
Micturation Chair and Funnel:

Micturation Chair comes with back rest which gives patient comfort.

Funnel is attached with Micturation chair which regulate urine flow to beaker.


Dimension (module)30 cm x 21 cm x 11.4 cm (L x b x h )
Power Supply220-240V. AC Stabilized, Frequency – 50 Hz (50 Cycle per Second)
Temperature5-40 degree centigrade
SensorGravimetric / weight Based
Repeat CopyAvailable
Parameter MeasuredVoiding time, Flow time, Voided volume, Maximum Flow Rate, Time to Maximum flow, Average flow rate and Hesitancy
Maximum peak flow rate detectable50 ml/sec.
Maximum Capacity for a single Micturation2000 ml.
Maximum micturation times300 sec.


Function of urinary systems:

The kidneys help to excrete waste products and foreign substance from the body by forming urine (for release from the body). The ureters carry the waste products (urine) from the kidneys to the bladder. In the bladder, the urine is stored until urination. Thereafter, the urine passes out of the bladder through urethra.

Prostate is an accessory sex gland found in men at the base of the urinary bladder and surrounds the urethra. As the men age, the prostate gland slowly enlarge (called BPH) and may press on the urethra and cause flow of urine to be slower and less forceful with some other adverse symptoms. BPH is diagnosed with the help of ultra sound examination of urinary system and uroflowmetry.

Uroflowmetry is one way of integrating the activity of the bladder and the outlet during the emptying phase of micturation. The micturation process consists of depressor function of bladder neck opening and urethral conductivity. It can establish the type of abnormality and filter the patients who require further invasive procedures. Thus, it avoids under treatment in the younger age group & restricts overzealous invasive procedure in the older age group.




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