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ADVIN Uroflowmetry System

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Uroflowmetry Systems measure of the quantity of urine excreted in a specified period of time which is also called as Urine flow rate.

Continuous recording of urine flow by means of a device consisting of a cylinder placed on a transducer that weighs the urine entering thecylinder during voiding and plots the flow rate on a time scale.

Common periods of time used include “minute” and “seconds.”


Advin Uroflow is designed to monitor the urinary volume and flow rate within a urine collection beaker during micturition.

Advin Uroflow is a weight-based uroflowmetry system, which gives accurate data as well as a graphic representation of the urine flow.

Advin Uroflow is a fully automatic microprocessor-based device with a digitally controlled weight-based flow transducer.

Our Uroflowmetry System is used to detect the deficiency in the urinary tract of human body.

Uroflowmetry Procedure is a noninvasive method. The patient, therefore, feels comfortable during the micturation process and as such, a very natural and accurate report is revealed. Advin Uroflow system is very helpful for day to day flow study.

Features of Advin Uroflow:

  • Digitally controlled weight-based Uroflowmetry Systems
  • Fully Automatic with auto start and stop.
  • Automatic analysis
  • Accurate Result
  • Non Invasive Method
  • No-Risk to Patient with this test
  • No Hospitalization
  • Cost-effective Device
  • Lightweight, Compact and Easy to handle.
  • Maintenance-free and very easy to operate
  • The system is users friendly and also easy to operate.
  • Easy to clean and reusable.
  • The graph is generated on A4 size paper and there is no requirement of thermal paper.
  • Match with international standards