Electrosurgical Unit-Advin Electro+
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Electrosurgical Unit-Advin Electro+

Our new ADVIN ELECTRO+ is the most versatile Electro Surgical Generator. It offers features and performance never before available in a single generator. The ADVIN ELECTRO+ has spray coagulation which rivals the best spark gap generators and with minimum cutting effect. The blend gives a good Hemostasis effect than cutting and pure cut is exceptionally smooth and starts promptly even in irrigated procedures. The isolated bipolar output, which has a non-sparking characteristic, is ideal for microsurgery, Neuro Surgery, Laproscopy and other applications.

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Advin Electro +


It’s our immense pleasure to introduce globally most variable Ultramodern Advin Electro + (Electro Surgical Unit 400 W), Which is with lucrative feature and performance, never before available in a single Generator. It is known as Electrosurgical System, Electrosurgical Machine, Electrosurgical Generator, ElectroSurgical Unit, Bipolar Diathermy Electrosurgical Unit, Bipolar Electrosurgical Unit, Electrosurgical Cautery Machine, Bipolar Cautery Machine, Bipolar TURP Diathermy Machine, Saline Plasma Bipolar TURP, Bipolar TURP Cautery Machine.



  • Gynecology
  • Urology (TURP / TUVP)
  • Orthopedic
  • Endoscopy
  • Vaginal Hysterectomy
  • Gastrology
  • Cardiac
  • Liver Surgery
  • Bariatric Surgery,
  • Neurology,
  • Laparoscopy,
  • Thoracic,
  • Spine,
  • Arthroscopy,
  • Plastic Surgery
  • All other General Surgical procedure.

Advanced Features:

  • High Efficient Cutting and Coagulation
  • Monopolar & Bipolar output
  • Max output 400 watts
  • Body Protected and cardiac protected design.
  • Patient Plate Alarm Systems.
  • Accurate Results
  • Safe and Very Effective
  • Simultaneous coagulation facility in Monopolar
  • Digital volume control and audible & visual alarm
  • 99 User settable profiles stores all user preferences
  • Best spark gap generators and with minimum cutting effect
  • Single touch switch over from one mode to another mode
  • Works on Generator, Inverter & UPS

Standard Accessories in SET:

  • Electrosurgical Generator (01)
  • Silicon Patient Plate with Cable (Autoclavable) (01) (SPP-WC-01)
  • Monopolar Double Pedal Foot Switch (01) (DPF-01)
  • Bipolar Single Pedal Footswitch (01) (BSP-01)
  • Set of Electrodes with Chuk Handle (01) (Chuck-WC-01)
  • Bipolar Forcep with Cable (01) (BFC-WC-01)
  • Disposable Pencil (01) (DP-01)
  • Power Cord (01) (PC-01)


Monopolar Mode

Different types of Cut and Coagulation modes give accurate input during different procedures.

    • Pure Cut Mode
    • Blend 1 Mode
    • Blend 2 Mode
    • Endocut Mode
    • Spray Mode
    • Force Mode
    • Fulgurate Mode
    • Desiccate Mode

Bipolar Mode: (4 Types )

  • Micro Mode
  • Macro Mode
  • Cut Mode
  • Auto Mode

Technical specification:

Electro Surgical Unit (400 W) Specification
Mode Max Power Load Crest Factor
Pure cut Mode 400W 300E 1.5
Blend 1 Mode 250W 300E 1.5
Blend 2 Mode 200W 300E 1.5
Endocut Mode 99% 300E 1.5
Mode Max Power Load Crest Factor
Spray Mode 120W 300E 7
Force Mode 120W 300E 6.5
Fulgurate Mode 150W 300E 6
Desiccate Mode 150W 300E 6
                                                                              BIPOLAR MODE
Mode Max Power Load Crest Factor
Micro Mode 80W 100E 1.5
Macro Mode 80W 100E 1.5
CUT Mode 100W 100E 1.5
Auto Mode 150W 100E 1.5